Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Outreachy, Getting started

Hello all,

I'm Menaka M from Tamil Nadu, India. You all must be knowing what Outreachy is and only so you're here ;) I got a chance to be the part of this wonderful program under Gluster organisation for this round.

Let me go through the application process that I followed for getting into this program in brief.

A little about me:

I got to know about Outreachy through one of my friend who participated in GSoC earlier. By then, I have completed my B.Tech in Information Technology. Sadly, I was not allowed to go for a job as it was too far from my hometown.

Outreachy looked like an awesome opportunity if I can get a chance to take part in it. I should admit that I am not a geek. But when provided a chance to learn, I was more than enthusiastic to learn new things under someone's guidance.

After going through the projects page, I initially spent some quality time in learning about Gluster and also in setting up my development environment.

I introduced myself to the community and started working on the tasks given in the page.

Whenever I got stuck, I learned more about that and posted questions with my leanings attached to it.As I have told you, I was very much new to participate in Open-Source community forums. But the help that I received from the community members were very much motivating to learn more and try again and again to complete the tasks. I did not have anyone else other than the Gluster community members to take help from.

I should thank them a lot for helping me throughout the application period and motivating me to apply. A wonderful community for a fresher to get involved and take help!

And to continue, a little on more about Gluster.

So, what is Gluster ?

The Gluster File System (GlusterFS) is an open source distributed file system that can scale out in building-block fashion to store multiple petabytes of data. It would be very much interesting to learn more about it. Go for it :)

So, What are the tasks for this internship that are related to Gluster ?

My project was to introduce instrumentation tooling into Gluster. Later, it took different paths but the motto is still the same.

How did I learn about Gluster ?

I searched for so many online resources to learn about Gluster and also took much help from the docs available in their official site.

One such good resource that helped me is Hacking GlusterFS

Though it is an old video, it helped me a lot to understand the basics of it.

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